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Highfield Industries have been supplying the farming industry with the highest quality livestock handling equipment since 1988. Our  cattle, sheep,  goat, horse, dairy and general equipment is 100% backed by continuous research and development and are manufactured out of first grade Australian materials to a strict quality standard. Our livestock handling equipment including cattle crushes, complete cattle and sheep yard systems and sheep handlers continue to provide livestock handling solutions to the cattle and sheep industries. With a widened national outlook, Highfield Industries can find solutions to your farming needs anywhere in Australia.

Highfield Industries is also a member the "Global Livestock Equipment Group" It is a group of leading livestock equipment manufacturers from around the world that have joined forces to create the most modern and effective livestock equipment available.

Highfield Industries

Head Office: 31-35 Lansdowne Pl, Deloraine, TAS, Australia, 7304

FREECALL: 1800 33 99 02

EMAIL: sales@highfieldind.com.au | FAX 03 6362 4332

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Beef Buddy Setting up cattle yards Highfield Industries | Life Guard

Read what our customers say!

“After being around stock my whole life, i’ve seen & heard a lot of stories from cartage contractors and vets about the importance of having good, user friendly and most importantly, safe  yards to work with. So when we purchased our new property & it came with an old set of  wonky timber yards we quickly replaced it with a set of Highfield yards. My wife and I love the Beef Buddy design & if I’m busy elsewhere she can deal with stock on her own safely with no problem.”

 T & A Wells, Sisters Creek, TAS

“ The calf sheds are going great!! They definitely make things a lot easier and are so flexible! It takes no time at all to re arrange our pens if needed.”

L Whiting, Forset, TAS

“ The yards offer excellent value for money, the most helpful thing was the assistance of those at Highfield from designing, manufacturing, delivering & installation, these are the actions that go to make a brilliant outcome .”

Farmer, New Norfolk, TAS

“ Our Highfield sheep yards couldn't have come sooner . I was very impressed that the yards were so easily erected, less than three hours and the job was complete. I would estimate that we could handle about 800 sheep at a time.

Sheep Farmer, Southern Tasmania